Insta Pro APK is the best mod application for Instagram, which comes with enhanced and multi-functional features. If you are in need to personalize your Instagram account to intensified account then this is the best application for your needs. Communication is the good physical and social aspect of life then why not download a high featured application like Insta Pro APK. Read this article to know more about the application.

Insta Pro APK Info

License Free
platform Android
Android OS6 or higher
Size40 MB
Latest Version8.55
Last Updated onOct 16 2021

More about this Application

Insta Pro APK lets users download Instagram posts, videos, reels, stories, and a lot more. The main feature of the install pro apk is downloading your stuff without any third-party application. You can use your personalized Instagram account in Insta Pro APK too. This app provides security and encryption features to your personal Instagram account. Once you installed this application you will never feel bored and your mind won’t allow you to uninstall this application.

Insta Pro APK Logo

Insta Pro APK is designed in a way that users can download their favorite and unique kinds of stuff from their Instagram account. Outstanding features of Instagram includes its copying of comment, download and share your favorite videos, view other account’s profile picture in a full preview. This application also allows you to customize themes of your interest. This app also offers followers maintenance and check over people who unfollow you. This application has pin lock options so that users can make their Insta Pro APK more secure. This apk enables you to like and dislike photos and posts. The following are the features of this application.

InstaPro UI
InstaPro Options

Features of Insta Pro APK:

  • High-quality downloads of videos and photos. You can download videos in different quality according to your wish.
  • Customized themes to have a great look. This application allows you to choose your favourite theme.
  • Tools to share downloaded videos and photos.
  • This application also enables you to rewind videos and reels.
  • Zooming photos on long tap. Tap the screen for 3 seconds to zoom photos.
  • Enables external link opening features.
  • Reposting of favorite stories though the user has forbidden.
  • Downloaded photos or videos do not contain any watermarks of the application.
  • Advertisement Free application to make your work on time.
  • “Typing” Display while typing can be hidden.
  • Privacy features of this application include encryption, account safety, and app lock features.
  • Accounts tracker allows you to track the account which unfollows you.
  • Application does not contain any in-app purchases or charges to avail its features.
  • Announomuous viewing of other profile stories, posts, and text messages.
  • No third-party websites or applications are needed to access features of this application.
  • Antiban features of personal accounts are enabled.
  • This application allows you to copy the bio of other accounts, copy text comments, and so on.
  • This application offers a profile viewing feature, by which you can see profile pictures of another account in a better preview.
  • No rooted or other security frameworks are needed to use This application features.
  • Translation features of this application enable you to translate text or comments of your language preferences.
  • This application allows for customized and personalized sharing of stories and typed status.
  • This application also enables you to view private account contents.
  • Since the application has encryption and antiban features this application is completely safe to use.
  • Multi-account switching features are also enabled in this application.
  • This application enables you to off read reception so that user’s seen message will not get notified.
InstaPro settings
InstaPro settings

Free Download – Insta Pro

Download the application by clicking the below link. Once the download has been completed read the guidelines carefully.

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Click on the above link to download This application.

  • Install the application by allowing all third-party application permissions. Since the application is not available in the play store your device asks to grant permission for proceeding with the application to run.
  • To install the application check over the grant permission checkboxes carefully.
Install Insta Pro APk

If you require a personalized Instagram account or download the best videos and reels of Instagram then Insta Pro APK is the best application for your amenities. I hope this article serves your entire amenities and questions on the Insta Pro APK application. Install this application now and enjoy the full features without any delay. Thanks for visiting our page.