Gamer Hacker Apk is an application that used to do tons of cheating in games. This is only applicable to the android version. It teaches us how to cheat and win the game. Gamer Hacker application is one of the most simple cheating tools used for android devices. It does not apply to all online games. The easiest and most powerful Game Modifier. It is flexible for all beginners and it is a good mode for hacking. Like this, there is some other application also used for the hacking system they are Game Guardian, Xmodgames, Game Killer, LeoPlay Card, Creehack, Lucky Patcher, etc.

Game Hacker Apk Info

App NameSB Game Hacker
App Size970 KB
App Version5.0
Root Privileges RequiredYes
Main TaskChange Scores/Gems in Android Games
Requires AndroidVersion 2.3+
Offered ByGame Hacker dev
CategoryGame Tools
Package Nameorg.sbtools.gamehack

More about this Application

Game Hacker Application is the simplest form of hacking application. For making this app a more effective way you have to do is, you have to install any gaming app and you have to play without the help of a hacking app and you have to score points or you have to win the game. It will give you a more advanced technological method of how to win the game by using the hacking method. It is very fun to play. This works with many android mobiles. For using this application we need, Android Phone, a Rooted Android Phone, and we need the fastest internet connection. By using the software ToS you can access this application. This application was used and downloaded by 28,247,715 people in the world. It produces large productivity.

Game Hacker Apk

Features of this Application

  • It is a very intuitive and simple user interface for beginners.
  • This has multiple search modes for the users.
  • It contains value types, very comprehensively explained process.
  • Fuzzy Scan Mode (FZ), is used for searching values according to numerical variation i.e, increased, decreased, unchanged, etc.
  • De-Encryption Scan Mode (DE), is used for searching encrypted values.
  • Combined Mode (CM), is used for searching several values in a set range.
  • Normal Mode (NM), is used for searching a single known value of one data type.
  • It has Supported value types like,
    • DWord (0 – 4294967295),
    • Word (0-65535),
    • Float (decimal points),
    • Depth/Auto (auto select value type).
  • It has auto-update functionality.
  • This has the fastest scanning option among memory editors on the Android version.
  • There is no highly advanced game hacking functionality, but it covers the basics.
Features Game Hacker Apk
Game Hacker Apk Features

Download Game Hacker APK For Android Free

The download link provided on this site is completely verified by our team. There are a lot of spam apps in the name of Game Hacker APK. So to avoid that we checked the application on our device and later we made it available to you. To download Game Hacker APK, just click the download button below. On clicking the download now button new tab will open in your browser.

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How to Install this Game Hacker Apk

  • Go to Android Settings > Security > Allow App installs from Unknown Sources.
  • Launch Game Hacker apk. If it says “Installation blocked” you have to enable Unknown Sources in your device’s settings ( install and wait some seconds).
  • Then open Game Hacker. There you will see a lot of things in Chinese. Ignore it. And scroll down and you will see “Yes” or“No”.
  • Tap on yes ( It is just the License Agreement ).
  • If your phone is rooted, you are ready to go. If not please use 360 root or from a root.
  • After that start ready to use it.
game hacker install now
Game Hacker Apk Installation
Game hacker installation
Game Hacker Apk Installation

How to use Game Hacker Apk

  • After installation, it will show an info box telling you the meaning of the logos/icons. Then tap on the screen and it will go.
  • And then the main process is, In order to hack the single-player games on your Android version by using the Game Hacker application, make sure that your device is ROOTED if not you cannot hack the game.
  • Then Game Hacker will minimize, there you will see a logo of game hacker floating on the top left corner of the screen.
  • After that open the game which you want to hack and play.
  • Then you collect some coins or gain some score in the game which you play. ( Make sure the values are clearly visible if you are not familiar use  Fuzzy search for the easy process ).
  • Then tap on the game hacker icon it will show a search box.
  • The number of coins or your score which you scored will appear on the screen and then tap on the search icon (there you will the items you purchased).
  • If it shows only one item, then click on it and change the number to your desired value.
  • If it shows more than one value, then play the game again and again, and gain some items and search again. Repeat the process until a single value is obtained. Make sure the app is in NM (Normal Mode) and scanning for Auto / Depth (Value Type).
  • After that, you can now change them to 9999999 or whatever value you like to do.
  • After all the steps you have done it that is by using Gamer Hacker you hacked an Android game.

By using this you can hack any games. Even you can hack Pubg by using this. Game Hacker is one of the applications which helps us to hack easily and it is also fun to play.