Smart Youtube TV APK: Everyone loves to explore and wants to know about things. YouTube is a platform that can help you with that. On YouTube, you can learn about many things like Science, Architect, Engineering, Reviews, Reactions, and the list will go on. Even nowadays many people create their own YouTube channels for expressing their talents and powers. It is also the best entertainment platform too where we can watch Movies, Songs, Animation, and Funny videos. These things make YouTube a great application than any other application we know in this Modern World.

It is also possible to watch YouTube videos on our TV too. Not all TVs allow you to see YouTube but only the Smart TVs. First, we should know what means Smart TV. Smart TV is an integrated version of Normal TV which has many features more than a normal TV like it has internet browsing options, allow us to stream music and videos. It also has an inbuilt Play Store option where we can download the Applications we want. We can watch videos and photos and from our smartphones on Smart TV by Miracast Option.

What if you have an ad-free version of YouTube on your tv. We are going to see that what is Smart YouTube TV apk and the way for how we can download it. Let’s head into the content.

Smart Youtube TV Apk Info

App NameSmartYoutube TV
Android Latest Version6.17.730
Compatible withAndroid 6.0
Size20 MB
Category  Entertainment
Offered BySmart Youtube
MOD FeaturesMod unlocked
Premium Unlocked
Available in English
DeveloperSmart YouTube TV
Updated OnMay 5, 2021

More about This Application

It is an Alternative and Unofficial version of the YouTube application which we can use in Smart TV like Android TV. This app was created by an independent developer whose name is Yuriy Lyskov. It replicates YouTube seen on our TV but has many features more than that. We will know about the features of this Smart youtube TV from the following packages which will make you feel amazed.

smart youtube
Smart Youtube TV

Features of Smart Youtube TV

features list
  • You can log in to your Smart YouTube TV without connecting it with your Google Play Services. It does not need Your Google Account to know about you.
  • It is an Ad-free version of YouTube. No need for google Services mean you have no one to give ads for you. Because if you signed into google while using YouTube, Whenever you search about something then google will play ads depending on your interest. Here we have no issue of that kind.
  • It is fully free and open source. No need for payment. We can download it from an online source.
  • Everyone wants to watch videos of the best quality. Normal Youtube has some issues with our Smart TV. Smart YouTube TV has a great feature in which we can watch videos up to 4K resolution.
  • It is so much helpful when your Smart TV doesn’t have an inbuilt YouTube application or does not support youtube streaming.
  • It is designed for TV screens and is helpful for several languages search.

Download SmartYoutube TV APK

You can download the Latest Version of the Smart YouTube TV APK by Clicking the download link given below.

Download Now Button

How to Download and Install

Here are the steps for downloading and installing the Smart YouTube TV apk on your Smart TV.

  1. First, You should download the Smart YouTube TV APK from the download link in an external source like Smartphone or Personal Computer.

2. Transfer the download APK to your Android TV. If you have Smartphone then transfer it through a USB cable or If u have a PC then u can use Pendrive to transfer the download file.

usb port
USB port

3. Your Smart TV won’t allow unknown Applications to download. So you should go to Settings and Enable “Install unknown apps”. Then only we can use that link to download the Smart YouTube TV.


4. Install the Downloaded APK in your Smart TV. Now you have Smart YouTube TV on your Smart TV to Enjoy. You can choose the resolution you want.

App list
App list

5. If you have a Browser on your Smart TV then no need for Transferring the Smart Youtube TV apk from external devices. Just open the browser and download the apk from there. Then do the above Step 3 and Step 4 . It is also another way of download and installing a Smart YouTube TV on your Smart TV. Maybe it will be an easy way I think if you have a Browser

It will give the Best User experience than the official Youtube we have. It does not need any root permission And also it has more advantages like Ad-free, High-Quality resolutions to feel good. Smart YouTube TV also saves our time compared to the official Youtube by rejecting Ads. It supports a remote controller option too. You can enjoy whatever you want without any interruptions by sitting in the same place.

I hope this article will help you for getting a better experience with the Smart YouTube TV.

Download it and Have Fun…